Daily UI 20 – Location tracker

I have had a to use the Samsung phone tracker twice myself when I have left my device somewhere. Once it was just at work, but another time I left it in the changing room of a shop. Fortunately some kind soul handed it in to the staff 🙂

Here is my version of a location tracker for your phone.

Location tracker screenshot

Daily UI 19 Leader board

This could be controversial the top 10 film and TV sci fi characters… I googled this and got a bunch of different results. So I put them in a spread sheet and did a combined analysis of how they ranked. It came out as:

  1. Darth Vader
  2. Dr Who
  3. Han Solo
  4. Ellen Ripley
  5. Dr Spock

Here is my leader board display based on these

Leader board design

Daily UI 017 Email receipt

It’s so easy to shop online today. It’s great if you live out of town and just don’t have specialty shops near you or if like me you live in NZ and somethings you just can’t get in the shops here and have to import them. One of the important steps in any transaction is the receipt — The thing that proves you’ve paid for your goods. Here is my version of an email receipt.

email receipt design

Daily UI 014 Countdown Timer

“It’s the final countdown.. do do doo dooo” Now we all have that Europe ear worm stuck in our heads, here is my attempt at Daily UI challenge number 14.

Its hard to fully appreciate a dynamic timer in a static image. The concept though is the centre number is minutes and the seconds is in the little circle, which moves around the outer circle clockwise (like a second hand), darkening the largest space behind it as it goes. Every time it gets to the top. the minute ticks over and the outer circle resets to light blue.

Illustration of a timer